Training centre

We want our employees to be in the loop of the most up-to-date technologies and skills to handle it. Therefore, we have established our Training Centre dedicated to educating upcoming professionals and set our current employees on a continuous learning cycle.

Our Training Centre is one of a kind in the Baltic States. As new employees join our team, they test and proceed through courses of four to eight weeks, and are encouraged to continue in their field studies moving forward. Annual re-assessment for employees happens through our Training Centre, each one will acquire any needed skills and planning for career development and advanced training.

Training Centre goals

Education To provide high quality specialised internal learning programs for new employees. To train professional skills according to the company’s internal standards and client specifications.

Assessment – To assess professional qualities based on company’s internal quality standards and/or the requirements of a client. The performance-based tests contain a number of high-quality technical level tasks.

Selection – To identify and further develop mentally resilient professionals, who can work abroad. To foster team spirit and favourable working conditions, reducing the possibilities of talent loss.

Motivation – To work in cooperation with multiple departments and identify talented employees, raise their motivation to improve personal skills and overall level of qualification.

RNDV Industries is inviting to acquire training in the following professions: scaffolding installers and pipeline insulators.

For trainees from other cities, we assist with accommodation arrangements in Klaipėda. During the trainings, trainees work in teams of 2-6 persons. We provide the trainees with work clothes and all the necessary equipment. Since safety is our priority, trainees are instructed on occupational safety and health requirements followed by the Training Centre of RNDV Industries right after completion of the theoretical training courses. Practical training is started only after the stages hereinabove have been completed.
Right from the first contact with a future employee of our company, we create a close relationship. The activities are coordinated and monitored by the Human Resource Manager during the entire period of the training courses. She will keep in touch with you till the last day of the training courses. Besides, communication with the Production Department starts, as it is going to provide you with the necessary information about the project you are going to work in and will assist in every step: make travel arrangements, take interest in the progress of your posting, and share all the necessary information with you.

The training place: RNDV Industries, Training Centre, address: Šilutės Ave. 101 A, Klaipėda.

Training programmes


Training duration: 2 weeks (8-hour theoretical training and 72-hour practical training).

The training programme for scaffolding installers includes knowledge of materials and methods of their use, scaffolding installation works (installation and dismantling).

Gediminas, Instructor of scaffolding installation training programme, has 16 years of work experience in the field: 8 years of work with Cuoler Tuub system in the United Kingdom, 8 years of work using Layher all around system in Benelux countries. Gediminas has experience of working with such worldwide known companies as Shell, Total, BP Antverpern. He works at RNDV Industries since 2016.


Insulation training courses are implemented in two stages:

Stage 1. Duration of training: 2 weeks (34-hour theoretical training and 46-hour practical training). During the training, the trainees are trained and prepared fully to work with stone wool rolls and stone wool shells. After the trainees complete training on insulation, they go to work on site, where they acquire more profound knowledge and develop practical skills.

Stage 2.  Upon coming back from working on site, transportation of the trainees to the Training Centre is organised, and they are trained to work with tin sheets for a week (13.5- hour theoretical training and 26.5-hour practical training). Eimantas, Instructor of insulation training programme, has 3 years of work experience in production of tin preforms and 2 years of work experience in pipeline measurement and preparation of drawings. He has been working in the field of pipeline insulation and tinning for 3 years. He worked in the following sites: Mažeikių nafta, BAYER plant, DOW plant, VOPAK, FLUXYS, as well as many other sites and projects in the Netherlands, Belgium, England and Germany.  

Why is it worth acquiring training at the Training Centre of RNDV Industries?

WE DO NOT CREATE ILLUSIONSDuring the training, you will feel as if you have gone to the work on site. Instructors are well able to create simulations of real-life situations.

WE PROVIDE AN OPPORTUNITY TO DEVELOP TOGETHER WITH EXPERIENCED WORKERS. Every week, the Training Centre welcomes the employees of our company, who are willing to improve their qualification and skills, which will give you an opportunity to improve while working in a team during the training courses.

WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL INSTRUCTORS. We are happy and proud that the instructors working at the Training Centre of RNDV Industries are people, who have grown professionally in our company. During postings abroad, they gained invaluable experience and now share it with newcomers at the Training Centre.

WE PROVIDE QUICK EMPLOYMENT. Our aim is to provide all the trainees with an opportunity to go to work in a foreign project right after the completion of the training courses. Our goal is to help you and at the same time to select the most attractive workplace on sites in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Finland, and other countries. 

WE PROVIDE GOOD WORK CONDITIONS ABROAD. We are ready to provide comprehensive assistance, quality accommodation and travel to work, and we offer a motivating salary. It’s the best place for starting your career!

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